@Mssg is a dashboard to build automated marketing conversations. Create conversations that collect data and drive actions with extremely high response rates.

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Drive campaign actions with messaging. 

Incredible response rates from the most natural experience on the phone – Messaging.

Use simple conversations to collect data and drive lead generation.

The most comprehensive and usable messaging platform.

Incorporate Facebook Ads

Use Messenger as a destination, and @Mssg powers the conversation for an incredibly engaging user experince with the brand.

Custom Data Fields

Save user response as data attached to profile. @Mssg normalizes incoming messages to allow for natural language from the user.

Link Shortening and Tracking

Add links into messaging. @Mssg tracks each user click and shares profile data when the user arrives on the destination page. 

Deep Links into Conversations

Drive users into specific interactions via a click from the web. Seamlessly transition from the page to a conversation.

Unlimited Bots, International Campaigns

Messaging platforms provide worldwide coverage. @Mssg can incorporate different language to allow for truly global campaigns.

Personalize the Experience 

Deliver a customized experience for each user by auto-filling user information into the conversation. Messages feel more direct, lead to better UX and higher response and conversion rates. 

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All the data is yours, available 24/7 via the site, and download

Inbox shows all messages coming in to the campaign

Groups and reporting segment users by attribute and data profile available. 

Automated follow up to restart the conversation if the user falls off.