About Us

We believe that amazing digital marketers need better tools to help people connect with their brand.

For too long, the state of the art has been to new ways to interrupt people, promise whatever it takes to collect an email address and then play a numbers game blasting out emails until someone buys or unsubscribes. If you market a product that people actually want @Mssg will increase marketing results on mobile devices. @Mssg powers marketing conversations that engage users on the most personal channel available and drive the most meaningful actions for your brand.  

We believe that webpages are fundamentally broken on the phone.

Pages are built for the computer. Pages are stunning on a 27 inch retina display, perfect on a 13.3 inch Macbook Air and frustrating on a 5.5 or 4.7 inch phone. Responsive makes a horrible experience (non-responsive) a little less horrible. It’s a patch, not a solution.

We believe that Messaging is the most natural interaction on the phone.

A conversation on the phone is the best interface and will have the best results. If an individual wants to connect with a brand, they want to message that brand and messaging is also the best channel available for the brand’s marketing team. Messaging is where a brand wants to be.

Because of these beliefs we built @Mssg, which is a technology to help marketers use messaging and conversations to connect with leads, users and customers. Messaging is extremely new for organizations, so we also help with campaign design, launch, testing and promotion. Our aim is to be the world’s expert on The Messaging Channel and how businesses use messaging to connect with individuals.